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4 Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Attire Without Sacrificing Style

No one wants to spend more money on their wedding than they have to, and many couples are working with very tight wedding budgets. While there are many wedding expenses you simply cannot cut down without changing your wedding entirely, such as the cost of the venue or catering, you can save a lot of cash on your wedding attire and the attire of the wedding party while still looking just as stylish as if you had spent a small fortune. Follow these tips celebrating your union in style without breaking your budget. 

1. Trim Down Your Dress Costs

The average price paid by brides for their wedding dresses in 2013 was just under $1,300. This number doesn't even include alterations or wedding accessories, which can add hundreds to this number. This was just the average, so many brides paid quite a bit more for the dresses they wore on their big days. 

You don't have to spend near that much on a wedding dress that looks and makes you feel beautiful when you are a savvy shopper. Skip neighborhood bridal shops that tend to have the most expensive dresses on the market second only to custom-made ones, and instead, look for a dress at one of the larger chain wedding stores that  tend to have more affordable ones. Even better, you can save a ton of cash by purchasing a used dress and investing just a few extra dollars to have it tailored. 

You can even ask your tailor to add custom embellishments you want or other features to make the dress all your own. 

2. Have the Men Rent Tuxedos as a Group

Although women often love to preserve their wedding dresses to pass down to their daughters or just keep in the closet as a keepsake, most men are happy to just rent tuxedos. Renting is the obvious option when sticking to a tight wedding budget, but did you know bridal parties can often obtain group discounts at tuxedo rental shops?

Make sure groom and groomsmen all visit and rent from the same shop to take advantage of this savings. 

3. Skip the Pricey Designer Shoes

While it may be worth investing in high-quality designer shoes you will wear often, remember  you will likely only wear your wedding shoes on one day. You may even be even wearing a wedding dress that will keep them covered when they are worn. 

If you have a stylish friend who wears the same shoe-size as you, then scour her closet for a pair that will complement your dress. If you have to buy new, then just stick to an affordable yet comfy pair of shoes from your local department or discount shoe store. 

4. Choose Affordable Tungsten Wedding Bands

The average price a couple pays for their wedding bands is just under $1,900. Whether your fiance splurged on your engagement ring or found an affordable one, don't let the jewelry store trick you into thinking you must purchase the matching wedding bands. 

While a bride's wedding band should complement her engagement ring, it does not have to match perfectly. The groom's band doesn't even have to match either of the bride's rings today. 

A great way to save some cash while staying stylish is to purchase tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten is a great metal choice for wedding bands, as it looks much pricier than it is. Typical tungsten wedding bands look just like white gold, but there are also gold-toned tungsten rings available that can match a yellow-gold engagement ring, and many grooms love the look of black tungsten. Durable tungsten is also a better investment than most rings, as tungsten is scratch-proof and keeps its luster practically forever. 

Follow these tips to save on your wedding attire, and think of more ways to preserve wedding-day cash. You then won't have to worry about starting your marriage as a couple struggling to pay credit-card bills on time or working overtime to make up for all the cash spent on your big day.