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4 Reasons Women Should Use Straight Razors

Most modern American women who choose to remove their body hair do so with a disposable razor, an electric razor, depilatory cream or waxing. While each of these methods have their benefits, they all lack the finesse and intimacy of the straight razor.

Unfortunately, the straight razor is often thought of as a man's shaving tool. This is because when it was invented in the 1760's, most Western European women did not remove their body hair. Although the practice was common in other parts of the world, American women did not start removing their body hair until 1915, about a decade after the safety razor hit the scenes. Because of this, women jumped immediately to the safety razor and then switched to disposables, missing out on straight razors. Here are four reasons why you should give one a try. 

Get More Intimate With Yourself

Using a straight razor is not as quick as using a disposable. Because there is a greater chance of nicking yourself if you are not careful, you must take your time and use the right products to get a silky smooth shave. Besides buying a high quality razor, this involves whipping your own soap, using shaving oil and applying an after shave cream. 

After some practice, the act of shaving will become second nature to you. However, instead of being a chore you rush through, it is much more likely to be an intimate ritual of self-care. In this busy world, shaving can be a time for your to relax and concentrate on yourself. 

Get More Intimate With Your Partner 

Once you get confident with your technique, shaving your partner with a straight razor can be an intimate, bonding experience. The intense power-dynamic and tension of shaving someone else has often been portrayed in movies, such as when Moneypenny shaves Bond in Skyfall

If your partner allows you to shave them, it shows an incredible amount of trust. Whether you are shaving the face or more intimate areas, it can be a great way to spice up your relationship. 

Save Money And The Environment 

It is estimated that men spend $111 on disposable razors per year, versus $5 for a straight razor. Even though the straight razor is a larger upfront investment, a quality straight razor will last many years, greatly reducing its yearly cost. Depending on your shaving habits, such as how often you shave and which areas of your body you choose to shave, you may spend more or less money than the average male, but even if you use the same disposable razor multiple times, you will still spend a significant amount of money on them throughout your life, not to mention the little bits of plastic that end up in the landfill. 

Get A Closer Shave While Avoiding Ingrown Hairs

The debate of whether straight razor will give you a closer shave is unclear, but what is clear is that it is less likely to provoke irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs than a razor that uses multiple blades or waxing. That is because both of those methods actually cut the hair below the surface, which means that the hair has the opportunity to grow into the skin instead of following its natural path out of your pore. A straight blade cuts the hair directly at the surface, leaving you feeling smooth without the risk for ingrown hairs, bumps, or infections. 

Whether you want to switch over to a straight razor full-time, or just get a set for those times when you feel like treating yourself to a luxurious bath and some self-care, it is an investment that you will find worthwhile. For more information, check out a website like http://www.vintagebladesllc.com.