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Three Tips To Consider When Making A Coin Necklace

A coin necklace is a great idea for the coin or antiquity lover on your gift list. Wondering what type of necklace to get or how to make your own coin necklace? Well, there are numerous things to consider. Take a look at these tips and keep them in mind as you shop:

1. Look for meaningful coins

To create a necklace for the person on your gift list, you should start by looking for a coin. You can take a relatively simple approach and buy a coin minted in the recipient's year of birth. Alternatively, you could opt for a foreign coin from a country they've always wanted to visit.

If you are not sure what you want, spend some time looking at coins for sale, and simply choose one that looks interesting to you. If you want to make the process of connecting the coin into a necklace as easy as possible, look for a coin that has a hole in the middle of it. This allows you to slip through a rope without doing any damage to the coin itself. Coins with holes in them come in a range of colors and styles, and they hail from countries such as Belgium, France, Greece, Japan, and many others.

2. Evaluate the coin.

If you already have a coin in mind that you want to turn into a necklace, you should have it evaluated before doing any modifications. A coin expert or seller can typically look at a coin and give you an estimate of its value. Some coins have value as collector's items, and if your coin falls into this category, you should ensure that you are not going to damage the coin when turning it into a necklace. Damaging it can lower its value.

In other cases, coins aren't worth much from a collector's standpoint, but they have pneumatic valve. This refers to the value of the coin's metal. These coins are worth more melted down for their metal than they are as coins. In these cases, you can feel free to modify the coin in order to turn it into a necklace.

3. Decide how to connect the coin to a necklace.

If you decide that the coin can be modified, you can drill a small hole in it and then put a chain or string through that hole. Alternatively, you can use a soldering iron to connect a small metal circle to the top of the coin, and then, you can slip the chain through this loop. This process is relatively easy even if you don't have metal working experience.

You simply take a small piece of metal from a spool of metal or even a wire hanger. Then, you shape a small loop. Finally, you flip over the coin and position the hoop next to it. When you hold the soldering iron over the metal, it slightly melts both pieces of metal, and they bond together as the metal cools.

Alternatively, if you want to create a coin necklace without damaging the coin, you may want to look for a coin bezel. This is simply a small circular "frame" that you slip the coin into. These often have tiny prongs designed to hold the coin in place, as well as a hook to slip the chain through. If the coin is particularly old and valuable, make sure that the prongs won't dent the soft metal. If that is a risk, consider using an alternative coin.

To get more advice on how to turn a coin into a necklace, contact a coin seller by visiting a site like http://www.desertjewelrymart.com. These experts may also sell coin necklaces so that you don't have to go though the trouble of making your own.