Extreme Shopping Tips For Shopaholics

Present Your Wardrobe In A Dramatic Way

Have you decided to make some changes in your wardrobe presentation? Perhaps you have recently looked at yourself in the mirror, and you have felt that you look a bit drab, maybe even tired. Adding some pizzazz to your wardrobe might help you to feel better about your personal presentation. From selecting clothes that have a flair to them to buying statement bib necklaces, here are some ideas that might help you to present your wardrobe in a dramatic way.

Go Through Your Clothes - Consider taking some time to go through your clothes, deciding on which items you want to keep and which ones you want to discard, maybe giving them to the charity of your choice or even placing them in a resale shop. Give yourself time to try things on. If things don't flatter you, they go in the discard pile

For example, let's say that you own too many clothing items in neutral colors. Think of trading some of them for clothes in brighter shades, perhaps purples, reds, and other jewel tones. If bright colors are too harsh for you, consider adding accessories that brighten your wardrobe. Have you ever thought of having a friend or family member take pictures of you in some of the outfits you plan to wear. Study the pictures to see what you can do to add interest to the outfits you're wearing in each photograph. 

Accessorize With Boldness - When you are purchasing things that will brighten your wardrobe, think of adding things like scarves that can be worn in different ways. For example, a long scarf can be tied at the neck of a blouse and then later worn as an infinity scarf with a totally different outfit. And, have you seen statement bib necklaces? They are truly gorgeous and dramatic. Consider buying more than one. For example, now that summer is here, think of buying a statement bib necklace that has flowers as the focus of the design.

As autumn and winter approach, buy a bib necklace that has colors like brown, tan, brick red, orange, and magenta in the design. At Christmas time buy a bib necklace that has the colors of Christmas -- red, green, purple, and royal blue in the stones. Another idea is to buy a black and white bib necklace that can be worn to sharpen up a black dress. The great thing about bib necklaces is that you can adjust them, wearing them as close to your neck as you want.