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Are You Designing A Luxurious Bedroom?

While your kitchen might be your family's favorite place to gather, would you say that your bedroom is your favorite place of retreat? Maybe you'll contemplate the fact that your bedroom is the one place in your house where you can have total solitude or where you and your spouse can have alone time away from the hustle and bustle of being parents. With that in mind, you might have decided that it's time to design a luxurious bedroom. From selecting gorgeous bedding sets to choosing the wall treatments for your bedroom, here are some ideas that might help you to establish a bedroom that is both luxurious and usable.

Start With The Bedding - Even though you might scrimp on things like kid's bed linens, think of treating yourself to amazing bedding sets. Start with sheets that welcome you with their softness and with the fact that they keep cool all during the night. Those sheets might be more expensive than sheets you have used in the past, but after you sleep on them, you'll more than likely feel like the money you spent was an excellent investment. And, give special attention to the comforter and the pillow you select to go with the fabulous sheets. Do you want a unique, European look? Perhaps you want a hotel look with white bedding and just a runner at the bottom of the bed to add interest to the bedding. And, choose mounds of pillows, of course. Imagine cuddling up in those pillows and covering yourself with the luxurious comforter you have selected. Hiend accents bedding sets are a great option for the luxurious look you're going for.

Choose The Wall Treatment - Continue the luxurious feeling of your bedroom with your choice of wall treatments. For example, consider selecting wallpaper that has gold or silver flecks as part of the design. Or, select faux paint that will give your bedroom walls the appearance of Italian marble or of rich leather. Another idea is to choose a paint color that will complement the bedding set you selected. For example, if you chose all white bedding with just a runner at the bottom of the bed, choose the color of the runner for your wall paint. If you have selected a patterned fabric for your bedding set, consider choosing one of the colors in the pattern to use for your paint color. For example, if the pattern is light tan with different tones of blues in a paisley pattern, choose one of the blues for your wall paint.