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2 Ways To Find The Era-Appropriate Plumbing Fixtures You Are Looking For

Restoring an old house takes a lot of work, sweat, love, and time. If you want to restore it so that it looks the same way that it used to, that means you are going to have to spend even more time and money trying to find the fixtures that you need in order to make your old house look like it's brand new again. One of the things that you may spend a lot of time with is finding the appropriate plumbing fixtures to fit the time period you are looking for. There are a variety of ways that you can find the fixtures that you are looking for. 

Salvage Shops

One thing that you can do is look for salvage shops. These shops buy fixtures of all kinds of demolition companies and other similar places. They then will clean up the fixtures, make sure that there are no problems with them, and put them out for sale. Generally, if you choose to use a salvage shop, you won't have as much of a selection because they only have so many choices available to them. They also won't necessarily be able to get any particular style that you want because they can only get what is available from demolition companies. They can put the style you want on a waiting list or see if they can get it through another connection. 

Reproduction Company

There are companies which make fixtures that are in the era-appropriate style. They are made out of modern materials, so you don't have to worry about anything like lead getting into your water, like you might otherwise have with older fixtures. You should have no problem with finding any particular style you want, since a reproduction company or store will have access to a much larger selection and better suppliers than other choices might. The nice thing about finding your plumbing fixtures using a reproduction company or a hardware store which sells their products is that you may be able to find fixtures that you might not otherwise have thought of. Being able to look at a larger selection makes sure that you are getting exactly what you want. 

If you are trying to restore your house to its former glory, then you may want to have as much as possible either be original to the time period or look original to the period, including your plumbing fixtures. Contact companies like Universal Plumbing to learn more about their plumbing fixture options.