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Four Tips For A Better Motivational Seminar

A motivational seminar can be a great tool for inspiring hope and resilience. You can plan a small seminar for your employees, or a large motivational seminar that's open to the public. The key element will be speakers who will come in and talk to your group. In addition, there are some tips you can follow for an even more effective motivational seminar:

1. Order matching jerseys for everyone.

A powerful part of a motivational seminar is making everyone feel like they're a team, and they're in this together. This is especially important if you're organizing a smaller seminar for just your coworkers, or perhaps a niche industry. One way to make everyone feel more united is to buy them all matching jerseys, which they can wear during the seminar. Motivational jerseys are a good choice because the attendees can slip them right over their regular clothing when they arrive. Have them printed with some motivational quotes, or have names put on them. Include a jersey in the fee you charge for attendance.

2. Allow for breaks.

It's easy to get wrapped up in motivational speeches; before you know it, you have been listening and feeling inspired for hours. However, even if you don't realize it, your mind will start drifting when you've been asked to focus for this long. To help keep your attendees focused, make sure you include breaks in the plan for the day. For example, you could have the first speaker speak for an hour, take a 30-minute break for networking, and then have the second speaker begin their presentation. 

3. Define goals at the beginning of the day.

Before the seminar begins, give a short speech about what you hope the attendees will achieve and accomplish during the experience. You could also use this opportunity to introduce the speaker, so the audience has a frame of reference when the speaker comes on stage. This can help them stay focused as the seminar begins.

4. Decorate with the right color scheme.

Colors have an amazing ability to affect the way people think. By decorating the space with the right color scheme, you can make people feel more motivated and ready to learn. All shades of green are good choices; blue also works well, since it calms the mind and helps anyone who is feeling anxious to open up to learning. Red is a color to avoid -- it's too energetic, and may make some people feel nervous.