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4 Good Alternatives To Gold Wedding Bands

Years ago, almost all wedding bands were made from gold. Using gold was symbolic — it was a valuable metal, and its value symbolized the value of the marriage. Today, however, symbolism is becoming more personal and less rooted in tradition. If you don't want a wedding band made from gold, you don't have to have one. Here are four alternative metals people are increasingly choosing to use for their wedding bands.


If you need a wedding ring that is beyond durable, tungsten may be a good choice. It has a higher melting point than any other metal, and it is harder than most any other metal. Carbon is actually added to the tungsten used to make wedding bands in order to yield tungsten carbide, a compound that's highly resistant to scratches and dings.

For this reason, designer tungsten wedding rings, such as those offered by Mens Tungsten Online, are common among metal workers, carpenters, and others who work with sharp or powerful equipment that might damage a softer band. Tungsten is a light gray color — a bit darker than silver, but with a similar tone.


Another strong choice is titanium. It's not quite as strong as tungsten, but it is lighter, which some people like. If you have smaller fingers or do not like to feel the wedding band on your hand, you might like a titanium ring. Titanium resists cracks, but it may develop scratches. It comes in a variety of shades of gray and even black.


If you love the look of white gold but want something more durable, palladium is a great choice. It has that lustrous glow seen in white gold, and everyone who looks at your ring will probably assume it's made from white gold. Palladium is also really affordable, and it won't irritate your skin like some other cheaper metals.

Stainless Steel

If you're on a really tight budget, you can even buy a ring made from stainless steel. The zinc coating ensures the steel resists tarnishing and scratches.

Stainless steel is not quite as hard as the other materials on this list, but since it is so inexpensive, you could easily replace the ring if it were to become damaged. You can find stainless steel rings in a huge variety of finishes and patterns. Many are engraved or embossed.

If you don't want a gold wedding band, you certainly do not need to have one. Look into these alternatives; you're sure to discover a ring that speaks to your personality.