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Beyond Sneakers: Shoes That Look Good With Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate laid-back pants for casual situations. Often, sneakers look right at home with a pair of jeans -- such as if you're going to watch a soccer game or going grocery shopping. But sometimes, you will want to look a little more pulled-together in your jeans, and wearing sneakers just won't fit the bill. Here are four other types of footwear that still look casual, but a little more put-together, with jeans.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a classic style of boot that comes just to the ankle. They do not have laces, but they do have stretchy elastic sections on both sides, making them easy to pull on and off. Typically, Chelsea boots have a smooth, round toe, which gives them a soft and casual appearance when worn with jeans. Choose them in black if you want a more fashion-forward look or in brown for a slightly more laid-back look. Chelsea boots are a good choice if you think you'll be walking through rain and wet conditions since they'll keep your ankles dry.

Chukka Boots

If you like boots with laces, then chukka boots are a good choice. They're a bit shorter than Chelsea boots, coming just below the ankle. They only have two or three eye holes on each side, and they tie below the ankle. Chukka boots usually have about a half inch heel, so they look a tiny bit more formal, making them a good choice for casual meetings and the like.


Loafers look right at home if you wear them to the store or even to the office. These short-shaft shoes slip on and off very easily, and they have long tabs in the front without laces. Some styles have a bow or some leather straps in the front, but these are for embellishment and decoration, not function. Some styles even have a little slot in the front where it's traditional to place a penny -- hence the term "penny loafers."

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes look similar to loafers, but they have laces that run around the perimeter of the shoe and that tie at the front. They'll remind you of the clothing people wear on yachts and at yacht clubs. They look casual, yet sophisticated, and they do pair well with jeans. Boat shoes are often brown in color, so you may want to pair them with a brown shirt for a pulled-together look.

Keep these casual footwear options in mind the next time you want something besides sneakers.