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Cool Looks For Men When The Weather Gets Chilly

When the weather cools, it is time to evaluate your current closet and add items for the chillier seasons ahead. Instead of simply rebuying the same things or wearing last year's apparel, consider a few timeless pieces that are in-style and in-sync with a lot of current clothing trends.

Some cool and comfortable clothing for men during the chillier weather ahead include:

Versatile Microfiber Shirts

It seems that comfort is very much in-style this season, so go with versatile and soft microfiber shirts. These shirts are made from a breathable fabric, so you will always be cool and dry, but they also are widely found in some clever graphics and prints, with fun themes. These are easy to dress up with khakis or slacks but are casual enough to be comfortable. Something like a Florida redfish microfiber shirt would be perfect this winter.

Durable Driving Moc's

Skip the slippers and leave your track shoes at the gym; invest in a pair of leather driving moccasins for running errands, doing chores, or checking the mail. These also are a great pairing with jeans or shorts for comfortable footwear on the weekend, but you can still get away with them under your work slacks at the office!

Cozy Cashmere

Sure, cashmere can be expensive but think of it as an investment in your wardrobe. Check out the online deals for cashmere sweaters, vests, scarves, and socks to begin adding some of this luxury to your closet this season. Cashmere is warm, soft, and brings elegance to even your most casual ensembles; start small with a pair of cashmere socks under your loafers or a cashmere vest that you wear for the holidays.

Plaid Bermuda's

Even though it is cooler, there will be days that the sun is shining; consider lifting your mood for fun with a pair of knee-length plaid Bermuda shorts with a jacket or blazer for work. Pair with your favorite sweater or sweatshirt for outdoor activities on the weekend.

Jersey Joggers

Another great item that belongs in your wardrobe this fall and winter is at least one pair of jersey joggers. In addition to wearing them to the gym, jersey joggers are comfortable enough to wear as loungewear, but can be dressed-up for the club. Look for a slim fit with a dropped crotch for the latest look.

Could your fall and winter wardrobe use some beefing-up? Use these tips to invest in the right garments for the season. Consider online vendors and boutiques to find timeless pieces that meld with your existing closet and the latest trends.