Extreme Shopping Tips For Shopaholics

Decide Upon An Anniversary Gift From The Two Of You

Coordinating a shopping trip with your sister can be difficult if you both work different shifts and have various responsibilities to tend to when at home. If you would like to take the opportunity to do some window shopping when you are taking your lunch break, keep track of the items that you think would make a nice gift and ask her to do the same. 

Keep A List And Take Photographs

Arm yourself with your smartphone, a notebook, and a pen, and head over to a local shopping mall. Since you are going to have limited time to look around, reserve the shops at the end of the mall for your first window shopping experience and leave the remainder of the stores for alternate occasions. When looking at various wares, think about how particular items could be beneficial to your parents and decide if the two of them would equally enjoy each item or if the potential gifts would be more suited for one of your parents than the other.

Additionally, decide if an item will be symbolic of the occasion and will be something that will be used regularly. Take pictures of any items that stand out and use your notebook to record the price of each potential gift, the name of the store that is featuring each product, and whether or not there is a limited supply of any of the items. 

Share Your Findings And Ask Your Sibling To Do Some Looking Around

Let your sister know how your shopping trip went and email the information that you recorded so that she can look over the products and respective information that you have obtained. If your sister can squeeze a little time in during a break at work, request that she take the opportunity to visit another shopping mall to look around for a gift item. Ask your sibling to provide you with details about what she saw, after she has finished her window shopping session.

Once the two of you have searched for a suitable gift and have come to an agreement about which item to purchase, decide who will head back to the store to purchase the gift item. Prior to bringing the gift to your parent's home, meet up with your sister to wrap the purchase and to fill out an anniversary card that the two of you would like to give to your loved ones.