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Buying A Rotary Cutter? Ensure That It Has These Features

One of the most common types of tractor equipment is a rotary cutter — a large lawnmower-style attachment that you secure behind your tractor. Many different people can benefit from using this attachment, including those who have large properties, municipalities that want to keep their ditches cut short, and more. If you're in need of a rotary cutter, visit a local dealer that specializes in tractor equipment. Given the popularity of this attachment, the dealer will likely have a variety of rotary cutters available from different manufacturers. Before you choose the attachment that will suit your needs, ensure that it offers these features.

Easy Height Adjustment

Virtually every rotary cutter will cut at different heights, which is handy because you may wish to cut a specific area short and leave another area a little longer. While it's a good idea to check the range in heights that the cutter can cut, you should also assess how easily you can adjust the height of the deck. When you're cutting, you don't want to have to stop and fuss with this attachment to change its height. Look for a product that offers quick and easy height adjustment —  in many cases, this will be as easy as moving the adjustment pin from one hole to another.

Chain Deck Deflector

When you're using your rotary cutter, you need to be confident that nothing will fly out from under the deck and hurt someone. Even if no one is in the immediate area, rocks and other materials can potentially cause damage to vehicles, buildings, and more. The best way to keep hard objects contained is ensuring that your rotary cutter is equipped with a deck deflector. This is a part that hangs around the perimeter of the deck and is designed to catch things instead of letting them escape. Deck deflectors are available in several styles, but those that are made of chain are highly durable.

High-Quality Tire

Rotary cutters typically have one tire mounted to the rear, which will help to keep the deck at your desired height. Don't be afraid to carefully assess the tires on different equipment. You may find that some manufacturers offer higher-quality tires. For example, you'll want a tire that has a good tread on it. You'll also want a tire that is rated as puncture-proof, as this feature will prevent the tire from getting damaged and requiring replacement — preventing you from using the cutter in the meantime.

Reach out to a tractor equipment supplier to learn more.