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8 Ways To Accessorize Striped Thigh High Socks

Striped thigh-high socks are a great accessory for a costume, a specific look or style, and for everyday wear. They are very versatile and can be accessorized for the perfect custom look. 

1. Add Bows

Many people choose to add bows to the top or sides of their knee-high socks. Bows add a touch of flirty fun and look great as part of a Lolita or Goth style. The color and size of the bows are up to you.  

2. Mismatched

Buy two pairs of striped thigh-high socks and mismatch them for a fun and unique off-kilter look. A black-and-orange striped sock mismatched with a green-and-black striped sock looks awesome with a black dress or skirt. 

3. Holes 

Some people like to distress their socks for a dystopian look that is perfect for a creepy Halloween costume or an everyday Gothic look. You can cut holes using scissors or wear them using a sander. 

4. Mary Janes 

You can pair your thigh-high socks with Mary Jane style shoes.  Mary Jane shoes are generally flat school-girl style shoes and are most often black, but now you can find them in just about any color and even as platform shoes. Mary Jane shoes look good against striped thigh-highs; the simple design emphasizes the stripe pattern. 

5. Platform Pumps

Platform pumps are a classic choice with thigh-high socks. They add height and are the perfect finishing touch with your socks. 

6. Chiffon Skirt 

Chiffon is a light, mesh-like fabric that is often used for tutus or longer skirts. A chiffon skirt worn over your thigh-highs is a cute look that can either be sweet or off-beat depending on the colors you choose. Use black and red striped socks with a black chiffon skirt for a Gothic feel. 

7. Ruffled Skirt 

Pairing your thigh-high socks with a ruffled skirt is another cute option. Ruffled skirts come in all sorts of lengths. Choose a rainbow ruffled skirt with sky-blue thigh-highs for a bright and cheery look. 

8. Boots

Boots are a great way to set your thigh-high sock look apart. Thick black combat boots add a punk flavor to your style; wear them with purple and grey striped socks to create a memorable look. Pink leather boots and pink and white striped thigh-high socks make a sweet style statement.  

For more information about striped thigh-high socks, reach out to a local seller or costume shop.