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4 Ways To Create A Nostalgic Easter Basket For Your Kids

If there is one difference between the Easter baskets that your parents made you and the ones you make for your kids, it's that they have gotten bigger and more out of control. Rather than spending fifty or more dollars on each Easter basket for your kids, why not fill them with some more nostalgic treats and trinkets that are more affordable and just as loved?

1. Taffy

While bags of chocolate candies may seem like the best thing to give your kids in their Easter baskets, don't you remember getting homemade taffy candy in yours? Taffy candy is sweet, delicious, and a fun way to really bring your Easter basket to a whole new level. One of the most fun things about taffy candy is that it comes in all different flavors including peppermint, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, and more, so you're bound to find a flavor that everyone in your family loves. 

2. Chocolate Bunnies

In addition to taffy, chocolate bunnies are also one of those nostalgic things to add to your kid's Easter baskets. Wrapped in shiny aluminum, chocolate Easter bunnies will really make a splash on Easter morning. And, when it comes to Easter baskets, remember that the bigger the bunny, the better. 

3. Puzzle Books

Rather than getting your kids a bunch of plastic toys that they will never use, get them some puzzle books instead. Filled with puzzles like crossword puzzles, word finds, and riddles, these sorts of puzzle books are a great way to get your kids away from the screen and into a fun activity they normally wouldn't do. Whether you have a four-year-old or a ten-year-old, there are different types of puzzle books based on age that can help push your kids in a great way. 

4. Marshmallow Chicks

A really affordable and fun way to fill your child's Easter basket is to get some marshmallow chicks. Whether they are hot pink, bright yellow, or purple, these colorful little treats will pair well with the taffy, chocolate bunny, and puzzle books you will put in your child's Easter basket this year. 

Remember that before you go overboard on Easter baskets this year, that kids really don't need a lot in order to be happy. The fun thing about creating a nostalgic Easter basket for your kids is that you get to save a lot of money and you get to share some of your childhood memories with them. 

Contact a local candy shop that offers products like taffy to get more ideas.