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3 Ways Chartible Shopping Helps Build Empathy In Children

Creating a foundation of empathy and support in children will help them grow up to understand different perspectives and feelings. There are many ways you can help build empathy in children, including charitable causes. Learn how to shop to provide cancer support and build empathy in your children at the same time.

No matter what your goals are with the children, the process will help add funds to charities in need.

1. Cancer Education

When you shop to provide prostate cancer support, you have a chance to highlight the deadly disease and what so many people suffer with. Cancer education will help your children understand the devastating news people go through and ways that donations will help those in need.

Depending on the age, you can go deeper into details about cancer treatments and even showcase a couple of personal stories people have shared with cancer. The more education you provide, the more the child will understand the power of the donation and what it actually means.

2. Shopping With Purpose

As you shop with a child, you can make the child feel good about their purchases. You can break down the costs and how much of each purchase will go directly to cancer support groups in need. The use of charity eliminates a lot of the self-indulgence that comes with shopping.

Create new traditions where you shop once a week or once a month to help support various organizations. In some cases, you may get to choose what organizations you support. A child can learn about different charities and make their pick. The decision will help create a scope of their efforts and build empathy for the cancer research community.

3. Dual Donations

A child can double down on their charitable efforts while they shop. Not only would a percentage of a purchase price go towards cancer support, but a child could choose items to donate to different charities. For example, a child could purchase toys to donate to a toy drive or a local children's hospital.

The purchase donation will give a child a chance to build empathy as they learn about local causes and ways to assist the community. A child could donate clothing purchases to local woman's shelters or soup kitchens. The more a child sees people in need, the more empathy they will build for the community.

The effort will translate into important life skills as a child grows older. Start when a child is young to make the process a regular part of your family's routine and traditions.