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Pretzel Partners: Tasty Sides And Toppings To Serve With Gluten Free Soft Pretzels

Following a gluten free diet does not mean you have to give up the pretzels you love. With gluten free soft pretzel mix on hand, you can make soft pretzels or pretzel bites to enjoy as a snack or serve at a party and still follow your special dietary guidelines. Pairing your pretzels with dips and sides will make your favorite pretzels even more enjoyable.

Cheese, please

Cheese and soft pretzels are a perfect match. Whipped cream cheese is an easy dip for soft pretzels and is a great choice if you want to enjoy a soft pretzel for a quick on-the-go breakfast. Add some chopped chives to the cream cheese for a fun flavor enhancement.

Top a gluten free soft pretzel with your favorite shredded cheese. You can microwave the cheese just long enough for it to begin to melt. Make a tasty cheese dip for pretzel bites by taking a jar of processed cheese and adding a few tablespoons of salsa to spice things up.

Soup and pretzels

Gluten free pretzel bites can be used in place of saltines or croutons when serving soup. Pretzel bites are especially tasty when served as a garnish on tomato soup or potato chowder. Sprinkle pretzel bites with parmesan cheese to add a fun pop of flavor.

Create a pretzel bar

Want to add some fun to your next party? Create a pretzel bar using gluten free pretzels and pretzel bites. Make plenty of whole pretzels and pretzel bites and serve them buffet style with plenty of sides and toppings. Some good sides include miniature dark chocolate bars, fresh berries, a variety of cubed cheese, and deli meats. Purchase ready-made dips, such as French onion, garden vegetable, or salsa, to serve at your pretzel bar.

For a small party or a fun snack for family movie night, create a pretzel charcuterie board. Take a large tray or cutting board and arrange the pretzels around the edge. Fill the center of the board with sides and dips that will satisfy any snack craving.

Keeping gluten free soft pretzel mix on hand makes it easy to whip up a batch of your favorite pretzels in no time at all. Making your own pretzels can save you a bit of money, and a delicious soft pretzel will always be as close as your kitchen. Whether you are serving pretzels for snacks or making a tray to serve at your next party, gluten free pretzels are sure to be a hit. For more information, contact a gluten free soft pretzel baking mix provider, such as Mom's Place Gluten Free.