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Things To Consider When You Shop For A Turquoise Pendant

If you love the look of turquoise, it can be fun to browse a local or online jewelry shop to look for pieces of jewelry that prominently feature this blue-green mineral. The popularity of turquoise means that most jewelry stores carry a lot of these products, so you can decide what would look best on you. One option is a pendant, which you can buy on chains of different lengths, including 18 inches. Assessing a few different turquoise pendants and thinking about your sense of style will help you to buy the right piece. Here are some things to consider when you shop for a turquoise pendant. 

Turquoise Appearance

When you look at a variety of turquoise products, you'll see that their appearance can vary considerably. The color of the turquoise itself can vary. Some turquoise is more green, while other pieces are bluer. You'll want to decide what hue suits you best. You'll also see that some turquoise pendants have a lot of thin, dark lines that naturally run through them, while others have more of a clean appearance. Both options can be enticing to different people. For example, you might favor a pendant with an interesting assortment of dark lines because of the piece's unique appearance.

Pendant Shape

Turquoise pendants are available in many different shapes, so you'll want to thoroughly assess the store's inventory to see what particular shape appeals to you. Ovals and circles are common, but you'll also encounter other shapes. For example, you should expect to find some turquoise pendants that are shaped like water droplets, which can be a desirable option for someone who enjoys being in and around the water. Some pendants also have more of a natural shape. Instead of the turquoise being smoothly shaped in a certain way, it's left with wavy edges that produce a natural look.


You'll also need to think about what type of surrounding you want the turquoise to have. If you really want the turquoise to be the focal point, you can choose a pendant that has a very minimalist surrounding. This will ensure that the turquoise itself is the first thing that people notice. Other designs, however, may appeal to you. For example, you might like having the piece of turquoise surrounded by a specific gold or metal frame that augments the look of the piece. Keep these things in mind as you browse the turquoise pendants for sale at a jewelry shop.

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