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Souvenir Mugs That Showcase Your Interests

Beginning a mug collection is a viable way to showcase a hobby that you have been pursuing in recent years. Many retailers sell souvenir mug products that can be displayed on shelving or inside of a case. Use the strategies below to begin your mug collection.

The Collection Type

Souvenir mugs include mini mugs, full-sized mugs, and travel mugs. The collection type that you pursue may be based on how you plan on using the mugs. Some people choose to collect mugs purely for decorative purposes. They may decide to purchase a curio cabinet that contains small slots and invest in miniature souvenir mugs that can be displayed in it.

If you choose to start a collection like this, you may want to shop for the cabinet first. The dimensions of each display slot will guide you in purchasing souvenir mugs that will fit inside of the case.

if you are going to be using your new mugs for display and beverage-drinking purposes, decide between standard-sized mugs and travel mugs. Your collection can also contain a mix of mug products that are varying sizes. You can invest in mugs of all sizes and then use various display materials to showcase your collection within your home.'

Mug Products

Souvenir mugs may contain print and pictures that correlate to your interest. Maybe you would like the mugs to be representative of the theme parks that you have visited or the hobby that you enjoy participating in the most. Mug suppliers may feature ceramic, glass, or metal mugs that showcase your interest.

If you will be using your new mug collection when you serve hot beverages, purchase ceramic products that can withstand hot temperatures. Ceramic mugs can be placed inside a dishwasher, hand-washed with hot tap water, and heated up inside of a microwave. If you will be using your mug collection to drink cold beverages, shop for souvenir mugs that are insulated. Insulated mugs may come with lids, which will come in handy if you will use some of your mugs when traveling. 


Place your collectibles in an accessible area. A wall display will provide you with an easy way to view your mugs. Classify your mugs, by placing them in alphabetical order or by dividing them up into groups that are symbolic of a specific theme. Lay shelf paper or a cushioned fabric placemat underneath the mugs you decide to store within a display case.

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