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5 Workplace Achievements You Can Celebrate With Corporate Plaques

Your workplace can quickly develop a toxic culture if employees feel unappreciated and undervalued. Corporate plaques are a great way to show employees that their hard work is recognized and celebrated. Corporate plaques, which are often made of metal or wood, can be custom-made with an employee's name and a meaningful message. Here are five workplace achievements that your team can celebrate with corporate plaques.

1) Years of Service

Many companies have a high turnover rate. After all, it can be difficult to find and retain employees. Show appreciation for dedicated employees by presenting them with a corporate plaque featuring their names and years of service. This is an excellent way to reward loyalty and respect the individual's contributions to your business.

2) Team Awards

When a team completes a project with great success, recognize everyone involved by getting custom engraved plaques. You can include the project name, team members' names, your company's logo, and a special message of appreciation. Make sure to order a separate plaque for each employee so nobody is forced to share their award.

3) Manager/Supervisor Awards

Managers and supervisors are essential parts of any workplace. Show your management team that they're appreciated by getting engraved plaques featuring their names and titles along with a custom-made message of gratitude. You can do this annually or when something important happens, such as when managers finish a unique project or lead the team to success.

4) Special Recognition Awards

Some employees go above and beyond their job requirements. Show your appreciation for these individuals with custom corporate plaques featuring their names and words of recognition. This is an excellent way to motivate employees to continue striving toward excellence in the workplace.

You can also include a gift with the plaque, such as a cash bonus or a piece of company swag. This helps make the award even more memorable.

5) Retirement Awards

Retirement is an exciting time for any employee, but it can also be bittersweet. Make sure your retirees leave with a lasting memento of their hard work by giving them a corporate plaque featuring their name and years of service. This is a thoughtful way to let workers know that all the hard work they put in was appreciated.

These are just five ways you can use corporate plaques to recognize and celebrate workplace achievements. Give your team the recognition they deserve with custom-made corporate engraved plaques today. For more corporate plaque ideas, reach out to a local service.