4 Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Attire Without Sacrificing Style

No one wants to spend more money on their wedding than they have to, and many couples are working with very tight wedding budgets. While there are many wedding expenses you simply cannot cut down without changing your wedding entirely, such as the cost of the venue or catering, you can save a lot of cash on your wedding attire and the attire of the wedding party while still looking just as stylish as if you had spent a small fortune.

The Three Tech Gadgets That Will Get You Through Your First Marathon

With many amazing advancements in sport technology, runners today are often struggling to find a balance between the freedom of traditional running without technology and the edge that technology can give a runner. If you are gearing up for your first marathon, you may be thinking about investing in some new technology as a treat to get you through those long runs. Before you bust out your wallet for fancy gadgets that will end up collecting dust in your closet, read about these three pieces of technology that you actually need.