4 Ways To Create A Nostalgic Easter Basket For Your Kids

If there is one difference between the Easter baskets that your parents made you and the ones you make for your kids, it's that they have gotten bigger and more out of control. Rather than spending fifty or more dollars on each Easter basket for your kids, why not fill them with some more nostalgic treats and trinkets that are more affordable and just as loved? 1. Taffy While bags of chocolate candies may seem like the best thing to give your kids in their Easter baskets, don't you remember getting homemade taffy candy in yours? [Read More]

8 Ways To Accessorize Striped Thigh High Socks

Striped thigh-high socks are a great accessory for a costume, a specific look or style, and for everyday wear. They are very versatile and can be accessorized for the perfect custom look.  1. Add Bows Many people choose to add bows to the top or sides of their knee-high socks. Bows add a touch of flirty fun and look great as part of a Lolita or Goth style. The color and size of the bows are up to you. [Read More]

Buying A Rotary Cutter? Ensure That It Has These Features

One of the most common types of tractor equipment is a rotary cutter — a large lawnmower-style attachment that you secure behind your tractor. Many different people can benefit from using this attachment, including those who have large properties, municipalities that want to keep their ditches cut short, and more. If you're in need of a rotary cutter, visit a local dealer that specializes in tractor equipment. Given the popularity of this attachment, the dealer will likely have a variety of rotary cutters available from different manufacturers. [Read More]

Decide Upon An Anniversary Gift From The Two Of You

Coordinating a shopping trip with your sister can be difficult if you both work different shifts and have various responsibilities to tend to when at home. If you would like to take the opportunity to do some window shopping when you are taking your lunch break, keep track of the items that you think would make a nice gift and ask her to do the same.  Keep A List And Take Photographs [Read More]